A “horny morning” makes you feel to have sex at work

We were ready to go at work in the morning, but before we did I was so horny that I had to touch my boyfriend’s cock… I rubbed it, played for a few seconds, and it was enough for him to feel the desire to have sex… I had no time to play anymore, unfortunately I had to go to work. Even in the car I was dreaming about to have sex at work with him… I think we had the same thoughts, we were sitting quietly in the car, he was driving carefully to the building where I had my office. We kissed and said goodbye there. We work very close to each other, so it took him an extra three minutes by car until he arrived to work as well. I think you can imagine what happened later that day …. sex at work became a reality…but stay with me and keep reading!

The best at work is sex at work

I was working a lot that day, my boss gave me a hard time. I felt like it was a disaster. I was still excited from what happened earlier that morning, I rubbed my boyfriend’s dick with my hand, what fun it was to feel! I could not concentrate all day… I was thinking on his dick all day long… it’s so big, taste delicious! I wanted to have sex at work with him… and suddenly I thought, what if I make him a surprise? I have to visit him during the lunch break, I’m sure he will love it!

So I was waiting for the lunch, I had 10 minutes left until I can be in his arms having sex at work with him! I went to his office, it was a beautiful winter day, I had a dress on me, sexy mesh panties to see everything through them, and some high heel boots… Cannot wait to get rid of the clothes when I get in my boyfriend’s office! Finally I arrived. “Hi Honey, I wanted to make a surprise, to visit you at work!... (and have sex at work)- I thought.

I could clearly see on his face that he was surprised but very happy at the same time, he closed the office door and suddenly raised me on his desk, put the pants off me until the knee… I parted my legs and I let him to put his face in my pussy! “Yes baby, I go crazy! Make sex at work with me, fuck me!”.. He started to play with my clit, rubbed it slowly… was so exciting! He was hungry for my pussy, he seemed to have not enough….

I was close to have an orgasm, so I stopped him and started to suck his dick… Mmmm, I’ve been dreaming of this moment for hours… Mmmm what a tasty, delicious cock! I stuffed it deep in my throat and held it down for a few seconds.. He took my head and moved the dick in my mouth pushing my head up and down, I let him to torment my neck, my throat with the speed he wanted. I started to cry, my tears fell on the cheek, but he still forced me to suck and swallow his big cock… Yeah, I loved it! After a few minutes I had to stand up, he stood behind me and shoved his cock hard into my pussy from behind. “Uhhh baby, fuck! It’s sooo good”… This sex at work was better than I thought, he hit me with his penis stronger and stronger, my vagina was very wet from the beginning. We changed the position and I was sitting with the ass on the desk while he was fucking me from the front.

Orgasm and sex at work can be fast but sooo exciting

I was rubbing my clit with my hand to have more pleasure, doing circular movements mixed with walking up and down, and I was getting more and more exciting. We still had some little time, but as the lunch break was almost over I had to rush to have an orgasm. He understood the situation, sex at work can be fast, so he started to fuck me strong… He hit the speed which I liked, so I came.. “ahh…AAahahh.. I am your cocksucker, I had an orgasm!” He continued a bit and ordered me to get down on my knees…

He wanted to fill my mouth with his cum which I had to swallow.. I loved the idea! I took his dick in my hand I started to squeeze it, while rubbing it up and down, sucking it at the same time. It didn’t take long when he said: “ Tell me you want my sperm in your mouth! -  Yes, I want, give me your sperm, I want to eat it!” It came immediately while I was rubbing it, hmmm, I swallowed everything, like an obedient girl!

So go ahead, if you have the possibility have sex at work, it can be one of your most exciting and sensual experience, I guarantee you darling! Kisses, and come back to read more from me, ciao!

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