A good idea is to get involve your client to your personal area, things will be easier.

We'll begin by making a few encouragements then we move on to another escorting experience of mine! I hope you agree with my proposal. :) I admit that it makes me feel good when I am praised by my clients, I see comments about their experience with me, or their face happily! It's nice to do a number of people so happy, believe me you will be happy about that feedback! It fills you with joy. It's nice to know you can bring so much fulfillment in one's heart. A good idea is to get involve your client to your personal area, things will be easier.

Create a feeling of friendship, you'll be more relaxed and will provide better service, especially as you can discuss details excite him the most. You want to bring something new, always play another role, one that you think would suit your client. Test and imagination are the key! Your work is like a game that lasts an hour or a night, depending on the situation, sometimes more. No need to play a role forever, everything has a time!

I do my best to be the perfect woman who takes him to heights permitted, full of passion and inventiveness! It's not hard if you get involved a bit, it's gonna sound a child's play! :)

The escort girl who fell in love with her client

Today I will tell something nice, something that can happen to you! An escort meets people, has to be with the cutest or ugliest, but all are our clients. But what you do when you find a nice customer who likes you a lot and often require you to be with them?

I have met such client and I must admit that I've already had in my dreams to have a life with him. He knew to behave like a gentleman and knew to turn me on when we were in bed. He was a daring customer! He knew what he wanted from life, he knew to dress well, actually he was perfect as a man wanted by all the girls! He invited me to his house, he had no wife. He complained that he had a girlfriend but she was so happy with him, though he gave her everything. It was an advantage for me!

I thought that if he asks me so often he certainly feels something, not to say I drew a heart with him when we were in the sauna in our hotel room. Yes! I drew a heart on the glass door! I thought it was very nice, though I understood that it meant something to him ... We went often on vacations, walked everywhere, I was always wondering why he left his girlfriend at home. Was only one reason: I made him to feel something for me.. So I let my mind dreaming, was so beautiful ...

I felt like a princess with him! While he was busy with his business, I went for a shopping with the money he left in the room, relaxed at a spa or beauty saloon! I wanted to be beautiful for him! This can happen to you, and you never know.Maybe you're the lucky girl who conquers the perfect client with her secrets and will be asked to marry him! I hope you enjoyed my story...

Girls, how beautiful life is! Live to the fullest, as if it were the last day of your life! Until next time, I kiss you!

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