Elegant clients need elegant escort girls

In an event of a date with an elegant client, you have to make sure, that you look pretty, clean, simple and desired. Don't wear cheap looking shoes or tawdry-colored make up. If you have dark shaded eye lids, don't make your lips strong too. Try to wear matching colors and styles in your outfit. Too short, not necessary means sexier. The hair should be up in a pony tail, or let down, but the most important fact is freshly washed.

Nails girls! High class escort girls don't wear too long fake nails! The more natural, is the better. It is quite out of fashion. They want you to look elegant, not too artifical: When meeting with their friends, partners, they want to give the impression, that you are maybe his woman, not his whore for the night. (They might want to fuck you like one, but not to show up with you like one)

Be prepared to attend business meetings as an escort

After the appearance of an escort with an elegant guest, I’m going to talk about the manners when escorting one. If the meeting involves other people: For example, his friends, or business partners. Always make sure, you stay at the back. Don't be too loud, or ringing. Only say your opinion about the topic, when asked. Not because you are stupid, or amateurish, but simply because they want to feel important, and dominant.

They will ask you if they sure you have a set idea about something, that they can be proud for you to say that. To speak one or two foreign language, is necessary. At least one to speak, the second one to understand and able to answer in a basic way. If the escort date does not include other people, then focus on him! Make him feel, that whatever he is talking about, is interesting for you! Act natural! Smile a lot! Physical contact is necessary. Sometimes touch his hands, or when walking next to each other, put your arms around him.

Have an elegant posture as an escort

Your posture is determining! Don't stand or sit hunchbacked! It is very disappointing and a major turn off. An escort should be a proud elegant and important woman. Not only in this moment but actually in general life too. When excusing yourself for the bathroom, do that quietly and classy.

It is forbidden to swear at any point of the date! Women don't swear! Especially elegant women. Pay attention to that! Flirting is part of your job. Smiling too! About smiling, and oral hygiene: It is needless to say, that clean white teeth is one of the key to be well groomed. If you have bad breath, obviously that's a turn off too! Make sure, you get your teeth checked every 6 month! 

That's it for today’s lesson for escorting an elegant client. It seems to pay a lot of attention, but at the end of the day, it is worth keeping up with it. Good luck, enjoy Girls!

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